Widget Maker

Widget Maker 2.3

XML assistant for the creation of Yahoo! widgets


  • Quickly generates XML code for making widgets


  • Still requires some coding knowledge


Riding on the back of the popularity of the Dashboard widgets in Apple's OS, Yahoo! Widgets have become a popular way for people to bring Internet functionality to their desktop, whether it's checking sports scores, forecasting the weather or simply finding out what's on TV tonight.

As you'd imagine, there are plenty of developers who want a piece of this action, and Widget Maker is designed to make the process of creating these handy little apps a little easier.

I say "a little easier" because you still need to know what you're doing. The app will help you to generate the XML by responding to a series of questions in a form, but you'll still need to take care of image placement and produce the necessary JavaScript yourself.

These means that the program isn't suitable for any old numpty who wants to make a cool widget, although with a bit of practice you can learn to develop widgets.

Widget Maker is a construction tool for Yahoo! Widgets. A form-filling interface is provided to assist in the generation of the XML script of a Widget.

Widget Maker


Widget Maker 2.3

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